Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Two repeats!

I am close to finishing the first sleeve for my Southwest.. and it is looking fine:

I only need to do 9 more rows of triangles (as I did at the bottom). The pattern calls for random stripes at the very top of the sleeve but I am planning to shorten the sleeve per the measurement I used for my Traditional (about 1 inch shorter) so I will probably leave off the random stripes.

I have some good and bad news for Charlie. The bad news is that he still hadn't eaten as of this noon - so I took him back to the vet The good news is that the vet did bloodwork and everything is normal. The bad news is that he needs subcutaneous (under the skin) fluid injections so that he won't get dehydrated. And since they are predicting another snow storm tonight - I decided it would be best for him to stay at the vet. I can't take the chance that I can't get him back there tomorrow. So I feel a lot better about Charlie now - I know he is in good hands and will be home soon.

Maybe the storm will pass us by? It has happened before. I loved having a white Xmas - but enough is enough!


Anne said...

Your Southwest sweater looks great -- love the bold design and colors.

Hope Charlie is better soon.......and hope the snow passes you by this time.

Sheryl said...

Hello! We didn't get a white Christmas this year. But I understand "enough is enough".
Hope Charlie is feeling better today!

Anonymous said...

The pattern is gorgeous.