Sunday, December 23, 2007

Love these colors!

I don't have a lot to show (I had to start over again yesterday after realizing the cuffs were too big and my memory is too bad to remember how I did them last year when I didn't take copius notes - arghh!!) - but here is my first sleeve for my Philosopher's Wool Southwest cardigan in colorway Navaho. Aren't the colors marvelous!

This technique weaves every other stitch so it is slow going but very satisfying. No weaving at the end which suits me just fine.

I also spent part of the day starting to clean my garage.. I am hoping that I can at least clean it well enough to move some of the appliances I have parked on top of my dog kennel in my dining room! Hah.. as if I ever use that either. My house is very cluttered. I have a collection of small TV's that don't work , old PC's, and lots of cans of dried latex paint. I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of all this. The curse of living in a house for 20 years. When I used to move more often - I had an excuse to get rid of things.. now I don't and it just collects dust.

But that is what vacations are for - right?

Later: I decided to rip out about 15 rows of the sleeve... at this rate I will be doing this thru next summer. I didn't like the way the yarn was showing thru the sections of the fabric where I have alternating purls and knit stitches (and still weaving every other row) . Now I'm tugging the back yarn which is working much better.


Sheryl said...

Your sleeve is coming along, I'm not sure what weaving every other stitch means... I learned to knit 3 years ago and am self taught. I finally took a sock class, because I tried to teach myself toe-up, but didn't (and still don't) understand how to wrap a stitch. My sock teacher taught us top down. I haven't found anyone that knows toe up, but that's my goal for 2008!
I have three closets that rarely get used, therefore they have the most clutter! After January I'm going to declare war on them, plus I have paiting that really needs to be done! We've been in our house 12 years. Things are beginning to need updated. Sad isn't it!
Merry Christmas!

RickiLynn said...

Merry Christmas Sheryl!

I learned how to wrap by following the steps here:

I didn't do the lacy pattern the first time - but her explanation of the basic steps is very good.

I love doing colorwork but it seems to go very slow for me - especially when the colors change so often.

I think I need to bake Xmas cookies instead! Hah!