Thursday, December 20, 2007

Onto bigger things

I decided to get them all done before I posted a photo.. so here they are! I think they are the prettiest socks I've done so far! They are "Gingerbread Dude" light STR yarn in plain stockinette:

Some knitter have complained about the pooling but I kinda like it.. adds to the variety in the color.

And I have finally decided what next:

I think I need to get more PW under my belt before attempting the Cossack I bought for Xmas. Actually this one is called "Southwest" and is the same pattern as Cossack - just up and down. Tonight I'm going to watch the PW DVD again as a refresher course.

In the meantime - my Kauni and St Moritz are all done too. ends woven, etc. That's one nice thing about PW patterns.. no ends to weave.

I love vacation! Still have 12 more days off!

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