Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Blog Anniversary To Me!

I don't have any new photos to show today but I wanted to wish myself a Happy 1 Year Blog Anniversary! I can't believe I've been doing this for a whole year.

I know I don't post as often as some bloggers - but I also don't have as much knitting time as some bloggers. I do what I can and still juggle all the other responsibilities in my life.

This blog has been good for me. It has given me an outlet to express myself - not only creatively through my knitting but in other parts of my life. I probably am not 100% open (I have an employer to think about) but having a blog is much like having a diary. It puts a lot of things into perspective and I feel more in control of my life.

Thanks to all of you that read my blog. I don't get a lot of comments but I appreciate that so many of you find time to stop by my little corner of the world. I hope to "see" you in the new year.

I have been working in the computer industry since 1978 (I just hit my 30 year anniversary) - before we had PC's - back when we used to hand write our code and then type it directly into a single console in the computer lab. I was blessed to work on the first Enhanced 911 system for AT&T. My program looked up your address when you dialed 911 and sent it to the police station. That program has been since rewritten in newer technology but it was the highlight of my career. We received so much kudos when it was first deployed regarding lives that were saved. It made me feel that I did something socially meaningful in an industry that was mostly technical and business oriented.

Since then - my assignments are not as exciting but it constantly amazes me how the computer industry has reached out to everyone. The PC and the Internet touch everyone now. These blogs make our world a little smaller. I feel blessed again that I can be part of that interaction!

And Charlie is doing fine! He got a new soft bed this AM and is peacefully sleeping!

Have a wonderful 2008!

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