Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So so busy!

Yes I'm alive but just barely. I always plan to do "big" things when I'm on vacation. This year it was pulling down all the wallpaper in my master bathroom and painting it light rose. I have very high ceilings so I had to get up on a ladder with a roller or paintbrush at the end to reach them.

I am very pleased:

Good thing I got it done in one day. My muscles hurt so much I couldn't climb a ladder if I wanted to.

So today is back to knitting.

I also save all my "finishing" work for vacation. Today it was my Kauni. Wove in all the loose ends and tacked down the facings. Tomorrow is my St Moritz and then I need to weave ends in on two shawls. My camera battery is recharging so I will show photos later.

And did I say how much I love "Gingerbread Dude"! I am into the gusset of the second sock and will show photos of those later too!

What is next? I'm not in the mood to finish Mermaid. I really want to do some colorwork. But haven't decided what yet. Maybe a Poetry In Stitches? Maybe Philosopher's Wool? Maybe Starmore? Maybe Autumn Roses? What to do??

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