Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Size small body pattern changes are done

A short blog to let anyone who is waiting that I have mailed the complete body pattern - size small Mermaid to Amy. I just knitted past row 600 so I may find errors. I want to take a break before I do the sleeves.. but I'm suspecting they will be easier than the body.

Good luck and let me know if you find any problems. I paid more attention to stitch counts than ridge counts - so the ridge counts may not be 100% accurate.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Down the home stretch!

This weekend was a lot more productive than last! I have finished the back and now I'm into the arm gusset. Spending a lot of time working on the spreadsheet since I have to reverse my previous work for the rest of the pattern. This is where size small diverges a lot from size medium, fewer stripe ridges, fewer decs (or incs), different ridge where the decs (or incs) start so its easier to just compare each section with my previous work than to use anything from Amy's spreadsheet. I'm close.. very close. I think the pattern should be done within a week or so. I am probably not being 100% mirror image since that would take comparing every row to every previous row and I don't have the patience. But I'm satisfied with the results and I hope others can benefit from the time I've spent on this.

Here is where I'm at:

And a closeup of the back:

I feel so bad for the Rockies! They were doing so well and now they can't do anything right. Oh well - there's always next year!

Have a good week.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

One of those days...

Well I had just completed the striped section and the first hem gusset after the back neck gusset - counted my stitches and Waaahhh... I had two extra stitches. I ripped out the gusset and I still had the wrong stitch count. Then I noticed the bottom of the striped section before the gusset.. it was angling out. So - I had to rip out 4 stripe ridges too. How I did that I don't have a clue but I have been watching movies all day and knitting and apparently didn't pay enough attention. Sigh..

Oh well - I would have had more progress to show you but I don't.. Here is where I am now:

And a closeup of the back neck gusset - very pretty:

So - I'm a little further than yesterday but not much. Some days aren't good knitting days. I have revised the pattern up to row 608 (730 total) - so I do see the light at the end of the tunnel patternwise. I do still need to do the sleeves but how hard can they be? I probably shouldn't ask.

Have a better day than me!

Friday, October 19, 2007


I had an "aha" moment today. A year ago I decided to "knit from my stash" along with "Wendy Knits" but I failed miserably. In fact - the worse part is that I used to be happy with $3/skein yarns on sale at Elann. In fact the "aged" section of my stash is full of that. But no more.. no siree not me. Now I lust after silk/mohair blends that run for $30/skein or more. And I long for (and satisfy my longing for) sweater kits that cost a lot more $$ - I'm too embarassed to admit - Bohus, Fleece Artist, Poetry In Stitches, Starmore, etc. And now I even pay for Int'l shipping. Geezz Ricki.

I know I have only myself to blame - but the internet, all the blogs, ravelry, have given me a window into others' projects and I want what I see. I know - I'm old enough to know better.

Well - I'm now 58 and a half years old now. And - Waaahhh - I want to retire!! I don't hate my work but it really does chew up too much of my day.

The dilemma is - even tho I have a wonderful pension in my future - if I don't stop buying yarn and start saving more.. I will not be able to afford to retire anytime soon - and that means I will never get enough time to use all this yarn. Catch 22!


So - other than the two yarn clubs that I recently joined (ArtWalk from Zen, and Sundara's new "Seasons" club) - I REALLY REALLY REALLY am going to stop buying any other yarn until I'm retired. It shouldn't be a hardship. Just my kits should keep me occupied. And those monthly tidbits should keep me happy. Right?

So PLEASE everyone - stop blogging with all these amazing photos of your new projects with links going to every online knitting store in the world.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Doing socks spoiled me!

I realize now - that after being able to finish a pair of socks so quickly, I'm spoiled. I've been working on my Mermaid maybe 1 month - I'm nearing the middle of the body and it seems like an eternity! I love the results but all this garter stitch is beginning to get to me. I WILL finish it but I think I may have to break my rule of "one project at a time" and throw in some socks in the middle.

I have decided its time to do some patterned socks. Haven't decided which ones but I have some gorgeous Dream In Colors smooshy yarn in Ruby River. Do I dare knit two things at once?

Here is where I am on the Mermaid:

Four gussets in all:

And I am about 6 rows into the back gusset:

I have modified Amy's pattern up to row 384 - the end of the gusset. From that point Hanne's instructions are to reverse what you just did. Argghhhh!!!! Thank goodness I have Amy's size medium to compare with (not the best grammar!). As much as I admire Hanne's work and I know the final product will be magnificent - it isn't the easiest pattern to follow.

Well - it is 41 degrees in Colorado - snowing in the mountains and they are predicting a mix of snow/rain here tonight. I had the A/C on last week. Geezz..

Have a good week and stay warm!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Version 1 of Amy's Spreadsheet - size small

I emailed the first version of Amy's Mermaid spreadsheet for size small to her this AM. She has agreed to handle the distribution. Not sure if she will just add it to the size medium spreadsheet or keep it separate. The body pattern is finish up to row 340 and I have knit up to row 255:

I love the way the Mermaid is shaping. All kinds of curves. Here you have a better photo of the armhole gusset:

If it fits as well as it looks it will definitely be one of my favorite creations. So glad I have the yarn to make one in coral/tomato too - so pretty.

When my life is tied up in one project- my mind starts looking at other ones - despite the large number tbd in my stash. I bought the book Lacy Little Knits by Iris Schreier and fell in love with this:

Its made up in Artyarns Silk Rhapsody which is a mohair/silk blend and VERY $$. I almost think I would prefer it in something less hairy.. but definitely silky soft. Not sure what yet. But love the look.

Fall has finally arrived in Denver. Only 57 right now after a week of 85+ days - I'm ready. Brought in my barbecue, doggy swimming pool, and chaise lounges. Love this time of year.

Go Rockies!