Sunday, October 19, 2008

Taking a blog break

I don't write this blog so much for others (hah! I don't think I have very many readers) - but for myself and to avoid having to email photos to my sister. .hah! But it is obvious to me that I'm in a knitting slump.

Not sure if it due to the monotony of yards of cable, due to fatigue from too many late nights waiting for union related news (why they can't announce things at noon rather than midnight I don't know), due to fatigue from late nights watching election related stuff, or lack of sleep from worry over having to leave town in two weeks in the event of a strike (which will cost me $500/week for pet care). But I'm having to force myself to knit these days- and I am not enjoying the knitting I'm doing.

My wrap cardigan is moving so slowly (I am near the end of the third repeat and I still need to repeat 4 and 5 rows into repeat 5) and I still have two sleeves after thatn and the lapel. Part of me wants to stop it and maybe knit some fairisle.. but I know I won't get back to it.

Bottom line is that I am going to take a blog break for awhile - and maybe a knitting break - until I start enjoying it again. I want my life back. We will know Oct 31st what is to happen. Maybe I will be back then. Maybe not.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yes I'm still here again!

Well - they did reach a new Tentative Agreement Friday night so I'm here. I just wish I had a crystal ball come Halloween night. That is when the votes will come back from the union. If they vote the new TA down - that will mean immediate strike. I read the Message Boards and its my opinion, thanks to some of the more cooler minds, that it will pass. Primarily due the economy and the fact that a no vote means a strike. They have so much to lose this time around. But I remain on call to leave if it happens. And this is definitely getting old.

SO - having stayed up late on Friday - I functionned on 2 hrs of sleep yesterday, not doing much. Today I did knit. Almost through 2 repeats on the back of my wrap cardigan:

It looks like a lot - but here it is next to one of the fronts - which includes more than 4 repeats so I'm not even half done:

Amazing that I don't quit projects just from the repetition. I wish I was better at cabling and didn't need to use a cable needle. I tried doing it without one and keep dropping stitches.

And here are my wonderfully soft The Knittery part cashmere Autumn socks which I adore (can't you tell):

Well - at least I'm home for another 3 weeks. nahh.. they won't strike.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hoping I'm back next week..

It has been a hard week for me. We found out on Wed that the CWA union didn't approve their tentative contract agreement. so - here we go again. They are going back to negotiations this Thurs. If they don't reach an agreement by Friday midnight - they may go on strike and I will need to work 12 hr days/7 days a week in Salt Lake City. Waaahh... I thought this was all behind me. This also costs me $500/week in pet sitting expenses (non expensible).. So I have been trying not to think about it but its the white elephant in the room.

On Sat - I decided to finish my first Monkey sock. Counted my stitches and I was short one stitch. Found it WAAAAYYY down - about 30 rows. I really tried to pick it up but the stitches are so small - I finally gave up. Then I realized that frankly I didn't like the socks. I don't like to knit cuff down, it was too busy, and I wasn't looking forward to doing sock 2 anyway.

So - its gone! hah!

And I started my personal recipe for a toe up sock - using The Knittery Merino Cashmere yarn (4 ply) - in Autumn. LOVE the color, the yarn is a little splitty but I am liking it so much more than the Monkey.. here is the start (there is more green in the yarn than shows - but you get the idea):

And today I completed the first repeat for the back of my Jo Sharp wrapped cardigan:

I will get more done after I finish the blog.

I also did a lot of reading this week. Read all of "Gone But Not Forgotten" by Phillip Margolin - and older book but very good. Too bad it isn't available for the Kindle. I realized I don't like to turn pages.. hah!

Well - it may be awhile before I'm back again. This is the pits. If I'm home I promise I will be in a better mood next week.