Sunday, April 12, 2009

Its really April 12?

Geez... its April 12th and I haven't posted anything since 2008. Sorry to anyone who reads my blog. I have been trying to figure out why and what has happened to the knitter in me.

One thing - my 93 yr old Mom passed last December. I spent the next month or so staring at the wall. Even though she lived a long life, it left such a big hole in my world. I lost 14 lbs and stopped everything. One wonderful thing is that my old friends from my teenage years reconnected with me and now I have them back in my life.

But that doesn't explain everything. Coming out of the fog - all I have wanted to do lately is read. I had a week off and finished reading 3 books. Did very little knitting. I think its that I can get lost in the books - don't have to do any thinking and I want to get lost. And going back to work - I have been working long hours including an all nighter last Friday night for a release. No energy left to knit.

So what is this all about? I think it is partly because I started knitting the "Festjakke jacket" by Solveig Hisdal. If you have knit it - it is a fair isle pattern using Fingering weight yarn. 355 stitches. Takes an hour to do one row (for me). I am struggling to pick it up. But I don't want to start something else until its done.

I also realize that I'm not as inspired as I once was. I think its partly due to Ravelry... yes Ravelry. I used to peruse the blogs with all their daily photos and information. Lots of new yarns and projects. Now - more and more have stopped blogging and spend more time on Ravelry. I just don't have the time to spend going through all the Forums - mostly without photos. I like using Ravelry when I have a project which I didn't know which yarn to use, or a yarn which I didn't know which project to use.. but I don't use it to get inspired. Maybe its just me.

Anyway - after this long spiel - I have very little to show you. I finished knitting one pair of plain Ranco Multi socks (that I started last year) and started a new pair with BlueMoonFibers STR yarn. Just stockinette toe up.

I hope I get inspired again one day. I have a whole stash to knit and if I don't start soon it will never get done. If it ever starts again I will post here. Otherwise I don't want to bore you with my gibberish!! Hah!