Sunday, May 20, 2007

2.5 repeats to go and my garden is looking fine!

This has been a very productive weekend. Only 2.5 repeats to go on the melon center panel (I should be able to finish it this evening) - but I planted all my perennials, annuals and trimmed my hedges. I'm taking a 4 day weekend next week - and plan to repaint my ceiling and restain my deck. I WILL get all that done and THEN - its just maintenance work in the yard (weed, fertilize, etc..) This is a hard time of the year for single knitters with large yards. But satisfying!

After a hiatus due to rerun fatigue - I have started watching Knitty Gritty again. Last week there were some great shows - one with Joan McGowan-Michael - designer of knitted lingerie. I LOVE the Amelie corset. Time to have a talk with me.. can a petite woman who had a double mastectomy without reconstruction REALLY wear one of these. Well - I am SURE going to try cuz I love it!

Also had one show about some neat belts - double knitted.

Also she had Lily Chin on one day who gave some great tips. I never thought of doing "cable purling cast-on" - with the working yarn if you run out of tail in long-tail cast-on. What a great idea!

So - I have lots of inspiration and so little time to try things. Things will get better.. And - I hit a milestone at work this week - so hopefully I will be able to knit again at noon. maybe.

Photos after I start doing the border on my shawl.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The yard needs me!

I would post a new photo of my Melon shawl - but it doesn't look any different - just longer. I've done about 47 repeats out of 61.. so its moving slowly.

My excuse (misfortune) is my gigantic back yard. I think I have pulled at least 100 dandelions over the last 3 weeks but yesterday I went out and there must have been another 100 going to seed with all those cottony flyaway thingies flying everywhere. Its a losing battle. And today (Mother's Day) is the day most people plant annuals in Colorado. But its going up to 90 and frankly - I decided I'd rather be enjoying my new A/C and knitting for awhile. Maybe next week.

I mentionned the dog bite case. I was a victim of the criminal justice system in fact some were comparing my situation to the OJ trial. Last June - YES - LAST JUNE - I took my two manic border collies to a dog park to work off some of that energy. When we arrived - there were two ladies with two dogs. All four dogs barked at each other. I made mine sit to relax. One of the other lady held onto her dog near the gate. My oldest went up that dog - started sniffing. I turned to close the gate and ALAS - a dog fight broke out. I tried not to get bitten - but the other woman held onto her dog and my dog bit her hand. I didn't realize she was hurt - eventually got my dog under control and moved to the other side of the park. This woman didn't leave right away but apparently was VERY hurt. She left, I went home and an hour later Animal Control was at my house. Its a long story but I was charged with a misdemeanor for "unlawful Attack" against the other dog.

I ended up pleading "no contest" - I REALLY didn't have the time to go thru a trial - even tho everyone told me she should have let go. But the judge wanted to keep control over the situation (I had already informed my homeowner's insurance they would be getting her bills).. and rescheduled a restitution hearing. This was last Dec. The hearing was rescheduled twice since my insurance company was working with her lawyer to finalize the bills. So - last Wed (on my birthday) was another hearing. My lawyer FINALLY got the criminal side closed. YAY!

I still have the civil side to deal with - but the insurance co pays for my lawyer and my policy should (unless she asks for an arm and a leg) cover her bills. If I had been told to pay her bills from the criminal side - the insurance co said they wouldn't pay - but now that's is on the civil side - they will. HEAVY SIGH OF RELIEF!

So that is my tale of woe. I hope none of you ever go to court and have to hear "The State of XXXX and the county of XXX versus YOUR NAME". It hurts!

Have a good week!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Yes I'm still alive!

If anyone was wondering.. I took a trip to visit my family on the East Coast (didn't really want to tell the world that my house would be relatively empty) and I'm just getting back to my normal routine! Came home to find so many chores to catch up on - especially with my backyard. Today - things are finally under control and I have had some time to get back to my blog!

In the meantime, I'm moving along happily on my Melon shawl - have done about 39 repeats (out of 61) before I go onto the border. So pretty - but it is a REAL monster when you make a mistake. Both my sister and I struggled when I dropped a stitch to figure out the pattern. I finally just ripped out about 5 rows and I never really repaired it. But you can't really tell - can you?

And I was inspired - my sister knits socks - not just any socks but amazing socks. She has made so many for herself and others in my family and they are just divine! So - I bought some of this:

And I am determined to overcome my distaste for dpns.. I can do this! I want to do this! I even bought the Lucy Neatby DVD on socks. So - its on my to-do list.

Then both my sister and I bought yarn to make this:

So pretty.. I bought Ella Rae Silkience yarn in coral. Very soft with a sheen. They have the nicest yarn shops in Lancaster, PA:

So - as usual - I have more yarn than time to knit. I'm back in the grind at work - have a court date this week (on my birthday) concerning a dog bite at a dog park last June. Sigh - don't want to go there right now. Jury duty on Thurs (where I'm not allowed to knit). But will work hard to get more done on my melon!

Glad to be back!