Sunday, December 9, 2007

One more week to go!

I'm in countdown mode.. only 5 more days until my end of the year vacation and I can't wait. I am so anxious that I am behaving very irrationally. I almost don't want to admit it..

We had snow last night. The first shovelable (is that a word?) snow this year. But hah! no fear - I have a snow blower. I took it out - plugged it in with my new cold proof electric cord - and ran it for the length of my driveway. Turned around - thought I had moved the cord out of my path and started again. Suddenly I heard a bump and of course.. I ran right over the cord. It was VERY stuck in the belly of the snowblower. I spent the next half hour - cutting the electric cord, using my wire cutter to take the outside wrap off the wire so I could pull it away and getting VERY cold and VERY wet. Sigh.. Luckily - I found another cord and was able to finish the task at hand. Oh well. its just a cord and at least I saved the blower.

Then I finally reached the point in my Mermaid sleeve where I only had to knit all the YO's with the following stitch. I dropped a stitch. I REALLY tried to save it but managed to put this big hole in the sleeve. What's a girl to do - but rip out about 15 rows... luckily short ones. But I got that done and all that is left is the bind off. I have sent the final size small spreadsheet to Amy to be distributed to those who have already bought the kit.

Once I finish that.. I plan to do another pair of socks (no lace pattern please). Haven't decided what yarn to use but it will be something autumny. More on that next week. I also decided that I want to learn the Cat Bordhi circular needle method for socks in the not too distant future.

Every year I buy myself a Xmas gift. Last year it was the electric yarn winder which thankfully I got back into working order. Two years earlier I bought a Lendrum spinning wheel and then decided that it wasn't something I could ever teach myself and if and when I retire with time to do things like take classes - I would buy another one. In the meantime - I would rather sell it on Ebay and use the money for yarn!

So - I pondered what to do this year and decided to get this:

Ain't she purdy! Eugene with co-owns Philosopher's Wool - wrote me to ask about my experience with their patterns. I guess this is one of their more challenging ones. I hope I'm up to it. I think I will. This will really be more of a coat than sweater and their heavier yarns should work out well with this.

5 days and counting!

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