Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Return of the Yarn Monster

This has been a good week yarnwise! I won't get into my work headaches - they give me a headache.

First of all - my Baudelaires are done!

I'm pleased with them but found that I didn't enjoy doing lace on socks as much as I expected. Too much to think about. I think I prefer plain stockinette. Plus the fact that I can't find many patterns (other than ribs which I hate) for my smaller stitch count. Not many patterns with a multiple of 7 or 14.

And then - I decided Friday night to see if I could redeem my yarn monster. If you recall - a few months ago - my $$ electric yarn winder made a mess of my Kauni yarn. This is the wonky shaped skeins it was making - not pretty:

So I pulled it out and tried to analyze what was wrong. The motor was still working and the core was still turning so what could be wrong. I tried tightening some screws to no avail. Then I compared what my manual one was doing compared to the electric one. The cone of the manual one had a stronger angle. The rim was closer to the base. So I pushed down a lot harder on the cone of the electric one. And voila!

I couldn't be more pleased. The cone must have loosened up after I pulled so hard to remove the Kauni mess. I will still use my bigger manual one for things like Kauni which has a ton of yarn on it - but this will be so much easier for normal size skeins. Fixing this really was the highlight of my week!

And then I decided to I-cord around the front edge of my Mermaid body and work on my Mermaid sleeves. I am making them 10 stitches shorter than the pattern calls for - since there are so many KAL posters who said the sleeves grow when you block it. Since I'm so petite - I don't want to deal with that. I am creating the spreadsheet to match the original pattern in case anyone doesn't want to shorten the sleeves.

And here is where I am today:

These will take awhile - and knowing me I will probably take a break between sleeves but at least the spreadsheet will be done.

Two more weeks until Xmas break! Its a good thing. Work is really beginning to annoy me.

Have a good week!

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