Sunday, April 27, 2008

I will be back when Spring is over!

Not really (the title) but my yard has taken control of most of my free time.

Part of the issue is that my sprinkler system isn't turned on yet. My sprinkler guy was supposed to turn it on April 18th - but the next day I knew I had to work from 11:30 PM till who knows when and when the sprinkler guy was late - I cancelled the appt since I had to get a good night's sleep on Friday (I go to bed at 7:30PM - I know I'm weird). Anyway - my yard is humongous. So I am going out every 15 mins to move the manual sprinkler.. and it needs to be moved about 8 places. He will be here again this Wed - so hopefully next weekend will be easier.

I wish I was one of those people who liked to knit in short spurts but I'm not. If I don't have a big block of time to knit - I don't knit. I would rather surf the internet.

Plus I have started doing the annual yard work. Need to pull out a bunch of dead bushes (also a bunch of roses) - fill the holes the dogs dug, reseed my yard where I killed the wild strawberry, try (again) to plant on my terrace, pull out a bunch of grass and unwanted stuff on my hill, plant some annuals, mulch, etc. etc.

Luckily I am off work the week of May 5th so maybe this is all possible. Maybe not. I also want to put up some wallpaper border I ordered for my master bathroom.

I did finish my Mr Greenjeans last week but Its not really showable until I block it. And I plan to finish my second Opal crazy sock before I start the Antique Lace (one thing I realized that the Lady Godiva color I'm using is Stone and not Glacier - my bad - I have Glacier but its not going to be used for Antique Lace). I'm close but its not going to happen today with the yard work. I'm beginning to wish I lived in a condo!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I beat Lou!

Yay! I beat Lou (Guitar Hero) on Easy mode and I've progressed to Medium Mode. Argh!! Now I have to use 4 fingers and the notes are coming faster! I keep losing where I placed my first 3 fingers everytime I have to use the 4th one. My hands are just too small! Hah! I can only take about a half hour at a time. My hands get so tired.

On a happier note... here is my Mr Greenjeans. I finished the first sleeve and I'm well into the second:

Here is a closeup of the sleeve cuff. It is moving fast since it uses size 8 needles for the body and size 7 for the cables.. So pretty:

Right now - the sweater looks too small but the direction say to open up the cables when it is blocked so I'm hoping it will open up a lot.

And what is next? I need to finish the Opal Crazy socks (one is almost done, and I have the second) and I plan to start this:


I haven't decided on whether to use my "Straw" Lady Godiva or my "Glacier. After working with Peach I am thinking I want to do the "Glacier". Here it is:

I think that will be perfect for the summer!

3 more weeks and I'm taking a week off from work. I have to work on my yard a lot but I'm hoping to put a dent in my knitting too.

Have a great week!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good stopping place!

Its a little early for my blog post but I just bound off the edges of my Mr Greenjeans body and I really wanted to get a photo here before I start the sleeves. So here is the front:

And the back:

The color is much more authentic than last Sunday. don't know why. This yarn is so soft. I gave up on doing the cables without a cable needle since the stitches kept twisting before I picked them up. Maybe a stiffer yarn wouldn't twist. It still moved fast. At this rate I may finish it within a month. A record for me!

And I did a little on my sock but not enough to boring anyone.

I think - if my sister isn't ready to do Antique Lace - I may start one of the Anne Hanson shawls. They are all wonderful. Can't decide which one. Maybe Bee Fields? I ordered the Tupelo Gold yarn used in the photo on her web site. A nice summery shawl!

Have a great Sunday and week!