Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yellow wants to be Green!

I was hoping I would be showing you a completed second sleeve but that was not to be. Instead I have about 2/3 done and here it is!

As you can tell if you scroll down to sleeve 1 - I decided not to even try to get the two sleeves to match. It would have driven me crazy. Also - I decided to wanted the second sleeve to have more greens and blues. Boy did I end up with green! I thought I started with an orangish-yellow/green combination - isn't that what it looks like to you?. But my orangish-yellow decided it didn't want to be yellow very long and it decided "its good to be green". My poor green was moving tortuously slow towards blue and I decided I had to help it. So I cut the yarn and moved the green along to aqua and now everything is copacetic. Whew! I am still convinced that I got a bad batch.. I had the same problem on the body. My greens lasted forever!

But all is well again. I adore this yarn. So much that I have decided that I want to make one of these:

Isn't it gorgeous! This is the same designer who designed the sweater I'm knitting. I love the one on the left - with the red/orange leaves. Not so sure about the peblum but I can work around that. If you like it too - you can download it here.

In the meantime - I'm making "another" promise to myself to take lunch breaks this week so I can knit at work. I'm also promising to start exercising again. Four years ago I was doing "The Firm" 3 times a week - could work thru a 55 min tape with average effort. This AM - I got thru 30 min huffing and puffing. This has to change. I'm not that old am I?

Don't answer that!

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Knittings Nice! said...

I know I've fallen in love with the autumn cardigan..have got the pattern just going to chose the yarn now...think that I might be going for the white/beige/camel for the background and red for the rest. Your kal cardi looks great.