Sunday, August 5, 2007

When did a cul-de-sac stop being a street?

I lost it today! I live in the back of a cul-de-sac which has always been hard to get in and out of since all the driveways point to the middle. That plus my driveway is immediately next to the driveway of my neighbor to my left. That neighbor thinks the cul-de-sac is a parking lot where all their friends keep their cars and I have to maneuver around.

But today - another family (not in the cul-de-sac) has decided that the cul-de-sac is now a playground. I'm sorry. I know I'm single without kids and maybe I just don't have enough empathy but I'm tired of trying to drive home and having to circumnavigate around kids on bikes and boards racing around the cul-de-sac. They even have this wooden thingy they put in the middle of the cul-de-save that lets them leap in the air with their bikes. This afternoon my dogs were barking like crazy. I look outside and there were two of these kids running up and down my driveway. I lost it. Went outside - told them that my dogs were barking because they were running up and down my driveway and I would really appreciate it if they stopped. It worked - but I'm sure my neighbor thinks I'm a blue meany. Geezz.. when I was a kid - we went to a playground to play. Maybe hopscotch in front of MY house - but not at other's homes.

Oh well - in spite of my rants - here is my progress on Kauni:

There is a small mistake (in the back - I picked up one stitch in the wrong bar)- but I didn't notice it until I was far enough along that I wasn't going to start over.

If you notice - I deliberately chose the colors to move in the opposite directions of the body so the arms when hanging down would be in the same direction. But since the sleeves are smaller - the colors are changing slower.. plus I know that I didn't start the two colors in exactly the same place so I'm expecting different combos than the body. that's OK - I think it will be fine.

I learned something new today.. had never done an underarm gusset. It was kinda confusing since the pattern isn't detailed enough to tell you when to use K2Tog versus SSK - so I found a pattern in "Sweaters From Camp" - and now I'm doing K2Tog at the beginning (to the left of the gusset) and SSK at the end (to the right of the gusset). Hope its right.

And if anyone does this pattern. I hope you can read German. I am finding out that the German pattern is different than the English one. Thanks to my KAL pals - they are interpreting it for me..

And the pups are nagging me to show them off!

Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

The Kuani is gorgeous. So are the dogs.
Your neighbors can't complain about the dogs barking if their kids are playing in your drive.


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Susan said...

I found your blog looking for Kauni examples, and had to say - it's not that you have no empathy because you have no kids - I DO have kids but I try to teach mine some MANNERS. The ones in my cul-de-sac won't even move out of the street when they see you coming. Some of them aren't bright enough to realize that the dogs alert people to notice their bad manners... and of course, the parents all say "not my sweet innocent child".
Grrrrrrr! (I'm jealous that you have your yarn and have started your sweater already!)

RickiLynn said...

Thanks Susan.. I have been feeling guilty all week (the kids won't come close to my house anymore) - but I REALLY think their parents need to be more considerate. I have nightmares about backing out of my garage and running into one of them. Now if I can just convince my other neighbor to park their cars in their driveways!