Friday, August 31, 2007

I must have yarn rabbits

I don't have a clue how this happened. I bought new baskets to hold my yarn in place of the old flimsy ones I was using. This AM I took all the yarn out of the old cubicles, disassembled the old cubicles, assembled the new baskets and tried to organize my yarn. Alas - the new ones only held a fraction of my yarn. They are smaller - plus the shape does not hold many large bags. And I have putting my yarn in large Glad bags so I remember why I bought it.

So I decided to reassemble only a few of the old cubicles. I ended up having to put ALL of the old ones back together to hold everything and find some new spots to put everything.

I am clueless. My yarn is expanding when I'm not watching. I have yarn rabbits.

Now for those of you that think you have a lot of yarn.. I am flashing my stash. Everyone should do this every so often as incentive to stop buying more yarn.

Here are the new baskets. Aren't they pretty? I just wish they were bigger. The white and green ones in the middle are just sock yarn, and the three on the left are just shawl yarn. The aqua cubicles are my old containers that I was hoping to throw out. Sigh

And here is the rest of it.

In the next photo - the brown boxes hold my fabric stash - yes I used to sew and keep telling myself that maybe when I retire:

So thats it for another year. And I'm not buying anymore yarn.. ever ever..


Anonymous said...

I think it is time I visited and helped you clean out your stash. I have a lot of left over stuff that I probably will never use. What do you do with that?Do you keep it all and think you'ss find some use someday?


RickiLynn said...

Hah! Anytime - you are welcome! I have a big plastic bag where I have been putting some of the leftover yarn but I don't have much. Sometimes I just toss it!

Actually its your fault I got into the sock yarn - now its like crack - not too $$ and so pretty!

Michelle said...

See now I have my stash in rubbermaid totes but like the fact that your storage allows you to "see" the yarn. You do have a substantial stash ... HOWEVER, as yarn "collectors" you are obligated to continue accordingly... just blame the rabbits!

RickiLynn said...

Michelle - I completely agree. One cannot have too much yarn. I blame it on moving to Denver - no moths here, no siree!