Saturday, August 4, 2007

I knit, I sewed, I cut

Ahh.. got the body of my Kauni done. I just sewed (a little too close to the edge but I think it will be OK since the yarn is rough enough to stick together) the steeks and cut them open. Now I'm onto the sleeves.

Here is the front:

And here is the back:

I found out after the fact that the original pattern called for decreasing around the front and back neck edges every row 7 times. The english pattern said to decrease every other row in the front - and it was not specific for the back. SO.. me who takes everything literally - did both every other row. It looks fine. Too bad the pattern isn't clearer.

So - tomorrow I start the first sleeve.. I need to think about this first tho..
what color I want at the top. I do want to have the same color combos tho - just in the opposite direction.

I was so shocked about the Minneapolis bridge collapsing. My company's building is very near the bridge and no many of my coworkers cross it everyday. Luckily nobody was hurt. I was working at home when it happened - felt much like I did on 9/11 - but fearful that it was due to terrorism. My heart goes out to all the families who lost love ones.

More tomorrow!

Later- I decided to cut the front steek (I was going to wait until the collar was done but then I decided I'd rather do the sleeves first and it would be easier with the front open).. and tried it on. ARGH!! it fits wonderful except for my hips. I wouldn't be able to close it without making the button band 5 inches wide. SOO..I will definitely use my wooly board on this when I'm done and hope it gives me the diameter I need. Whatever happened to my gauge???

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