Monday, August 27, 2007

On a Happier Note

Well - I only have about 2 more rows of buttonband to go. I knit until I couldn't see anymore last night ( I was just prescribed Travatan for borderline Glaucoma last week and I had to use the drops) - and then I put it aside in case I made another mistake.

But I also got this ready. Isn't it pretty (please excuse my camera this AM - it isn't cooperating)? This is Juliet yarn by Yarn Love in colorway Fondly. The name makes me smile

And I pulled this out to learn toe up socks:

This yarn has 495 yds so I won't have a problem with running out of yarn but I want to learn the technique before I use my yarns with 350 yds.

I will get Kauni blocked when I'm on vacation next week but I think its time to set it aside.

Have a good week!

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