Monday, January 22, 2007

Where have I been?

Am I the only person in blogland who didn't realize that Addi Turbo Size 2's are larger than any other US Size 2? It doesn't even fit into the size 2 hole in a standard needle sizer. It only fits into the same hole as an Addi Size 3. Add to that the fact that - at least with my eyes - I cannot find any other marking on the needle that specifies it's size I'm hoping that I put it back in the right package after I used it last.

I discovered this after finding out I only have 12 yards of Heilo yarn left in color bronze after finishing the bottom of my St Moritz. And I still have accent work and two sleeve bottoms. Hmmmmm...

Another lessons learned - from now on I follow the metric size in the pattern - not the US size. But I do love my Addi's almost as much as my Denises which I would love even more if they came in size 2.

Photos coming when the St Moritz looks like more than just Stockinette.

Later: I have to start over again on my St Moritz.. Just realized that my Addi 3's are too big too. The pattern says a US 3 or 3mm. My Addi 3's are 3.25 mm. So I am going to have problems with them too. So I need to go down one size except for my Addi 4's which are correct. Oh well.. now I know


Anonymous said...

You and me both! I am knitting a baby Dale Setesdal, and am working back from frogging it the first time. I am using an Addi sz 2 and couldn't figure out why I still wasn't hitting gauge. The pattern calls for 2.5mm, and the Addi package says it is 3mm. Arg!!!! I am NOT ripping again, I will just knit it longer and the baby will get more use out of it. Thanks for the "duh" moment!

Tammy in Wisconsin

RickiLynn said...

Tammy - I've been using these Addi's for awhile and this is the first time I've ever noticed the problem. I wonder if this is just in Dale patterns. I knit a PW wool cardigan last fall and it came out perfect. I'm puzzled.
Sorry you had the same problem - but now we both know.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is with Dale's, as they must be written using the metric sizes. My grandma learned how to knit from her Norwegian sister-in-laws, and came home from a trip to Norway (in 1964!) with metric needles that,in her words, "must be used on Norwegian sweaters". I noticed at my lys that Susan Bates needles were not the right metric size for a 2 US either. I am gearing up to start a Dale for me, so I am really paying attention to the metric sizes. I need some longer cables on my 0's, 1's and 2's, so am curious about the Knitpicks needles, have you tried them?
Thanks! Tammy

RickiLynn said...

Tammy - me too - from here on I ignore the US sizes on the patterns - and just follow the metric size.

I just swapped my Knitpicks needle set to Linda Walsh on the Dale board for a magazine with the Dale Fox sweater plus a hank of Lorna's Laces Helen's Laces.

I hated the needles. My problem is that I use my fingers to push the needles around - and the Knitpicks tips are so pointy - it hurt. I just couldn't adjust. So - I buy Addi's for smaller sizes or I have a Denise set for larger sizes.