Sunday, January 28, 2007

A new beginning!

Its been a whole week since I've blogged. I was home sick at the beginning of the week and not very energetic until maybe Friday. Saturday AM - waiting for my Fosamax to "take" - I casted on 270 stitches for a second time (now on size US 1 Addi's) - and here is my progress. I only have about 4 more rows and I'll be where I was when I frogged:

Nothing too exciting. The bottom section under the purl row is a facing. There are buttonholes at the beginning and ending of the round (I'm assuming that will be the side seam?) - to put a cord into the casing. I have about 11 inches of stockinette to do before the pattern starts so I will be boring everyone to death for awhile. Bear with me.

Ordered some new DPN's to match my newly discovered Addi Turbo sizes. Bamboo DPN's come in even stranger sizes.. The ones that matched the metric sizes in the pattern are US 1.5 and US 2.5.. I will never understand why the sizes are so inconsistent.

This Friday is the Creative Festival. Looking forward to a day off (when I'm not sick) and meeting the PW Bourgeois's. Also plan to stop at the Honda Dealership on the way home to test drive a Honda CR/V.. After this winter and all the snow/ice - I have decided its time for me to get an SUV with 4WD. Also thinking about a Toyota RAV4 or Subaru Forrester. The latter comes with manual transmission. I don't have a clue why Honda and Toyota decided nobody drives manual shift anymore. Hey! Over here! I do! And it may push me into a Subaru. Saw the Forrester last week and no offense to Subaru - but it looks like a station wagon to me. Kinda plain and nothing exciting about it. But it has a manual shift. Sigh - what's a gal to do!

Dogs are still driving me nuts. Windchill was 1 degree this AM and my cutoff for a morning walk is 10 degrees so we didn't do it. Hopefully it will warmer tomorrow?

Can anyone tell me why I cannot search my blog in regular Google? It comes up in blog search mode but not plan Google. Wish I knew..

Have a great week!


Marina said...

I just did a search in (regular) Google using the words "Starmore" and "Rosarie". Your blog was the second on the list.

RickiLynn said...

Yay!! I'm official. Wonder what changed. Guess it takes them awhile to find new blogs. Thanks for letting me know Marina!