Saturday, January 13, 2007

The good new and the bad news

Sorry I have been away so long. Worked long hours this week (13 hr day yesterday and I worked another hour this morning) and didn't get much knitting done. BUT - ta-da! The good news is that I think I have rescued my unraveling Rosarie vest steeks. I knitted up fake ones and seamed them to the side of the vest. And the neck band is done! I am pleased if I say so myself. This vest was close to being toast. Here are the results:

It is actually beginning to look like a vest that will fit me:

But here is the bad news:

There is no way that I am going to get two armbands, and the two front bands with what I have left over in Calluna and Red Rattle. Luckily I have those two colors from a different Starmore kit (I know - my stash runneth over) - but it irks me that I have to borrow - and then eventually buy more. Part of me just wants to put it aside and start my St Moritz gauge swatch - but I may never get back to it. So - I will keep going until one of us gives out - the yarn or my patience.

My other discovery this week was the magic of YakTrax:

My dogs hadn't walked longer than 10 mins since our first blizzard due to the sheet of ice on our streets/sidewalks and my fear of falling (bad case of osteopenia). With these contraptions - its like there is no ice. Its a miracle. So - just when we thought it was safe to venture out in the world again we are now living with zero/below zero temps. Its about 4 degrees right now and I think that's our high for the day. And I won't venture out when its this cold - so - once again - I have two hyperactive dogs driving me nuts. But we are warm and safe and that's all that matters!

Have a good week - and I will try hard to start my St Moritz on kick-off day!

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