Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Back to Work!

As usual - I schlepped my knitting stuff with me to work and as usual - I got too busy to even take a lunch break. One of my resolutions was to stop working thru lunch and to spend more time knitting. But everytime I thought about it - my boss came around with something he wanted to talk about.

The good news is that they FINALLY picked up my garbage today. Its been 2.5 weeks and the garbage was about ready to walk away on its own.

Another thing I learned today (thanks Marina) - was that a neck steek is attached to a front steek if you don't clip the yarn before casting on stitches for the neck steek. This was the first neck steek I've made and I thought I had done something wrong. So I decided to cut the yarn and nothing unraveled. Yay for Shetland yarn.

Well - as you can see I have nothing to show today. But maybe tomorrow?

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