Tuesday, January 30, 2007


No photos today but found out last night that I can knit Stockinette on size 2 Addis even when I'm tired from a full day's work. I am making good progress on my St Moritz - have about 3 inches out of 11 done before I start the pattern.

I made a decision this AM and I'm already feeling guilty. No more dog walks until the ice on our sidewalks is gone. Which means until either all this snow stops melting or else until the temps are above freezing at night. The Yak-trax which worked at first aren't working anymore - not sure why but it must have to do with how hard the ice is. Its just too risky for an old lady with osteoporosis, neighbors who walk their dogs off leash at the same time as I do, and 2 manic dogs. Too risky! So now I have two border collies giving me the "border collie stare". You have to own one to understand. These dogs herd sheep and they use their stares to get the sheep to move. Baaaa!

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