Thursday, January 4, 2007

For those of you that work full time

I actually knit two more rows of Rosarie over my half hr lunch break (all I could afford) yesterday so I'm getting close to the back neck shaping.

I was just wondering how others with high stress full time jobs find more time for knitting. I get up at 4:15 - eat, walk the dogs, sometimes have to get on a 5AM call with our India office, exercise, shower, drive 30 mins to work, work, try to take a break, drive 30 mins home, get home by 5PM, make dinner - and by then my mind is too tired to even think about looking at a fair isle chart. And I need to be asleep by 8 to do this all over again the next day. 80% of my knitting is done on weekends which doesn't make for much progress. The desire is there but not the time.

I have pulled out my St Moritz pattern which is next on the agenda. I'm thinking that maybe it will inspire me to get Rosarie done sooner!

By the way - I also have a cat.. Yes, poor Charlie who was raised by my late gentle Golden Retriever Nikko and who is terrified by my two new manic border collies (Jesse has a very high prey drive). Charlie has the option to be upstairs (he could go outside and come in thru my doggy door) but doesn't want to be upstairs with us. So I have set up my finished basement so that he feels safe, has his own TV, all his toys, food, etc. I open up one of the windows when the weather is nice and he goes outside - just to our back yard. The last time I tried to keep him upstairs he went out the doggy door and didn't come home for a week - when it was freezing outside so I wont' do that again. I will add his photo to the blog over the weekend.

Have a great day and I WILL spend an hour knitting today!


Anni said...

Oh - I know what you're talking about. Two color knitting (and lace) is weekend knitting.

Marina said...

Wow, "we" were recently discussing how long it too to knit one "body round". Fifteen minutes is really fast! I barely get three done in an hour.

RickiLynn said...

Too funny.. Actually I'm at the point where I have about 50 stitches on stitch holders and I've done a bunch of decreases at the arm holes - so I don't think my round really counts as a whole round!

Joanne said...

I can totally sympathize with you with working through lunch. I do it almost daily.

Now, if it would only snow more, and we could go home.