Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A good day!

No photos but I had a good day today! Finished crocheting and cutting apart the armholes so all there is left to do (on the needles) is to make the arm bands. I may not get to my dale gauge swatch until next week - but its so close I can taste it!

I also found out that a court hearing I was supposed to attend Jan 25th has been postponed until May! Its a long story - but my dog got into a fight with another dog at a dogpark; the other owner was bitten and I am now a real criminal. Yes - I have a record. SO this is a subsequent restitution hearing. We are hoping she settles out of court with my insurance company. If she does - the May hearing will be cancelled.

And I just received the most comfortable pair of Shearling mocs from Eddie Bauer. I think I'm getting to point in my life (finally) when comfort is my primary driver! No more being a clothes horse for me.

And I am making a swap with Linda from the Dale group - she gets my Knitpicks needle set and I get Helens' Laces in mulberry plus the book with the Fox sweater pattern! Such a deal! I hated those needles - they kill my finger tips since they are so pointy and I keep pushing them. Don't ask me why I do that but I do.

Also its getting warmer here and my dogs are getting walked. They are so much easier to live with now!


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