Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wooly Board Part 2

I'm on a roll.. plus today is my last day of vacation. So I decided to wooly board (is that a verb?) my Dale of Norway St Moritz. I really do eventually finish things albeit not as soon as I planned:

Love this sweater. Now that my hot flashes have subsided (I had to go off a high level of Premarin about 3 yrs ago) I can FINALLY wear pullovers again.

Back to my socks!

After a lot of questions on what exactly do I look like when my face is not behind a camera and urging from my sister - I dug out a photo where I wasn't smiling funny (see my profile). This was taken about 2 years ago. I go back and forth between shoulder length and short hair - between highlights and solid colors. I haven't aged a lot since then. I have great genes (my Mom is 92!) and I'm an indoor girl (what else would you expect from a knitter!). I also decided to change my template! Getting bored with the old one.


Sonya said...

You are on a roll! Beautiful St. Moritz.

Michelle said...

It wonderful. I've got a dale of norway on the backburner and you just made me miss it! :)
Lovely photo! Its so nice to meet you face~to~face.