Sunday, September 30, 2007

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways.

After throwing my money away on that expensive electric ball winder I am so pleased that I found something for less than $20 that has organized my life!. It comes with a bunch of plastic baggie like inserts (I bought some extras) and I have all of my DPN's and circulars organized. Luckily - I use my Denises for large sizes so I didn't have to get them in it but here is the top layer:

I love, love it!! So cute and I don't have to go searching when I need something. Plus I won't go out buying something I already have. Now if they could do this for my yarn stash!

And I'm into the first armhole of my Mermaid:

I'm not normally a garter stitch lover but there is so much going on here at the same time - its good to have something mindless in the mix.

Here are two closeups of my first two flares (or gussets as Hanne calls them):

And here is the neckline edge:

I was thinking this week - that my blog must be very monotonous since I spend so much time on one project. The alternative is to spend twice as much time on two projects. Can't help the time.. Things will get better in 7-8 years after I retire. Hah!

I have decided to join a new socks club - Here is their blog. I quit redknits - at the time I was trying to cut back on my yarn spending - ahem... but frankly, I wasn't that excited about my first two kits - I don't get my first artwalk kit until Nov 1st but it looks really interesting. She has another club called the Harmony Sock Club but that doesn't open for membership until Jan. This gal does amazing color work and I'm looking forward to getting her kits.

Back to the Hanne!

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