Sunday, September 2, 2007

I gotta heel!

Hey everyone! I gotta gusset and I gotta a short row heel!

On the foot (you can see my ghastly long toes!):

And off the foot:

It really isn't that hard.. in fact - I think its a lot easier than cuff down - once I finished ripping the gusset back twice after dropping a stitch, and then picking the stitches up off center - since you don't have to pick up stitches around the heel flap (which I hate to do) and there is no grafting at the toe (which I hate to do). So while I started this so I can use my 360 yd Sock That Rocks yarn without fearing running out of yarn - I have found a better sock for me!

The rest is downhill right? I understand that I need to find a loose bindoff - but I'm researching that right now.

One question if anyone knows - what is the purpose of the wraps? Not sure what they accomplish - but they sure are purty!


Sheryl said...

I'm impressed with your sock. I just took a class in June (still working on the 1st pair) but they are top down. I tried to self teach myself toe up, but since I don't have anyone to ask knitting questions.... I'm using dpn's which is working well for me, but I'd like to still learn toe up! I'm such a visual learner...

And I LOVE your sweater. It is amazing! I'm going to try my first sweater (cardigan) here in a couple of weeks. I'm wanting to finish my socks first!

RickiLynn said...

Thanks Sheryl.. I ended up combining a number of different patterns. I mostly followed the direction in the Denise Powell tutorial on (great tutorial) - but I wanted a gusset and a short row heel so after I did the foot section - I followed Cookie's directions on for Baudelaire socks (had to adjust it for my stitch count). So far so good. I still don't think I did the wraps correctly but it did end up back to my stitch count.

By the way - I did this with DPN's. I don't think I would like doing it on circulars. Too much stuff flying around. The DPN's are enough for me!

Good luck!

entangled said...

I just finished Baudelaire by Cookie too. Loved it but my lace isn't as pronounced as hers. It is a great toe up pattern though! I did the magic loop on circular needles and hated it! I will never do it again. I am commited to DPN. Love your Kauni. I am still trying to screw up the courage to start mine (oh and I need a ballwinder to deal with the yarn first). Thanks for the tip.