Sunday, March 30, 2008

So much progress!

I am so proud of myself. Usually - after doing most of the knitting on a garment I would set it aside until maybe during my 2 week December vacation when I finally did all my finishing. But in one week - I finished my Mermaid and I finished my Southwest. Well the Southwest still needs to be blocked but here it is:

Once I block it I will model it (which may not be until next December..hah!)

Then I decided it was time for something easier. Here is the start of Mr Greenjeans (Knitty pattern) in Dream in Color Classy - color Giant Peach:

The color in the photo is brighter than the actual yarn. I futzed with my image software but it still looks too bright. This pattern is very easy - done top down - mostly stockinette. Nice change after the fairisle and Mermaid. I'm using Harmony Circulars from Knitpicks for this. They are perfect points.. not so pointed that they are jabbing my fingers which tend to push the end of the needle but pointy enough to make it easy to knit.

I mentionned earlier that I fell in love with Anne Hanson's patterns. This week I found a yarn she recommends for her Morning Glory shawl - Briar Roses Fibers Wistful:

These colors are gorgeous - blues/browns/greens. And very soft. I have seen a lot of hanks on Ravelry and I know this won't be my last purchase.

We have snow again in Denver this AM - but I guess winter is lasting long into the spring in the midwest too so I can't complain!

Oh - and I beat Slash (Guitar Hero on my WII) yesterday! Hah!

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