Sunday, March 16, 2008

One sleeve to go! WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!

After getting woken up by a page Sat at 3AM - I wasn't awake enough to do much more than knit my simple sock but this AM I decided to tackle the seams on my Mermaid. Sigh.. The sleeve was easy compared to the rest. The two sleeve seams went fast. Then I knit the attached I-Cord. After spending an hour - I realized I was supposed to do them from the wrong side of the sleeve. Oh well - I think they look fine.

But then I started the other seams. I had to do every one of them twice because the yarn kept tearing when I give it a tug. Sigh.. So frustrating. I would have been done by now but all I can show you is one sleeve done. Here is a clear photo of the garment:

And here are two very fuzzy photos of me wearing it. Don't ask me why my camera is taking such fuzzy photos thru the mirror. I finally gave up trying to get a good one.

Well here is a one armed Mermaid on a fuzzy lady (I am wearing a navy long sleeve tee shirt under it which is what you see on the right side of the photo). The photos aren't good. The sleeves aren't as short as they look - they are being pulled up by my tee shirt sleeve.

And one more - please ignore the clutter in my bathroom:

As you can see - I still have a lot of weaving to do and I need to graft the ends of the I-cord but I'm getting close. This one has potential if the yarn would only behave. For those of you who are thinking of knitting this.. it fits very much like a fitted jacket. I will get a lot of use out of it at work. Altho - I don't really enjoy garter stitch that much.

And here is the Opal Crazy simple sock. I love this yarn. its fun wondering what comes next:

And since I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday after that page. I decided to join Queen Elizabeth and ordered myself one of these:

Yes its a Nintendo WII! And I have to confess I really bought that so I could buy this:

Hah! And Jesse says oh no - Momma is regressing. It will never be peaceful around here anymore!

Maybe next week I will have a whole Mermaid!

Later: second sleeve is done.. but I think I'll put it aside for awhile before I tackle all the weaving:

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