Sunday, March 9, 2008

Anyone ever seam two vertical garter stitch edges?

I finally finished the second Mermaid Sleeve but now I'm puzzled. Puzzled on how to sew a seam when both edges have been vertically gartered stitched. I cannot find any help anywhere - I have looked at my books, my DVD's, the internet. There are directions for one vertical and one horizontal - but not two verticals. I asked for help from the Hanne Falkenberg KAL - but most knitters did a provisional cast-on at one sleeve edge and then a 3 needle bind-off to join the edges together.

So.. HELP! If nobody has any advice - I will just wing it. My sister reminded me that this seam will be under the arm and not too noticeable which is true but I would like it to be at least decent.

So here are my sleeves.. Please don't tell me you can tell that the one on the right looks a little shorter than the one on the left. It can't be true - I think they will be OK after I block them which is the next thing on my list:

It feels good to get that knitting done. I find that I don't enjoy knitting rows and rows of garter stitch..especially with yarn that isn't very soft. I'm not a fast knitter normally - but with garter it takes me longer to get my right needle through the bump. Maybe I need to use my KnitPicks Harmony's which are pointier. But they are done. Now its just finishing!

And is anyone feeling like we shouldn't be eating dinner this early? It always takes my body a week to adjust to Daylight Savings Time. I think we all should petition Congress to just forget it. Just forget it! Geezz..

Later.. I blocked the Mermaid and then realized that unless I sew my Southwest steeks I had nothing to knit all week! Eeekk.. Sorry Judy - but I don't want to start the Antique Lace before I finish the other two. So I shopped my stash and out popped this: Opal Crazy. This yarn is so much fun, changes irregularly. I don't know why I haven't used it yet. I decided to follow my toe up recipe - very simple and mindless. Here is the start:

Mindless knitting is good!

The next day: I did some more searching and finally found a description of how to seam vertical garter to vertical garter in Sally Melville's "A Knitting Stitch". Looks pretty simple.


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to start the lace top for awhile either. I did a swatch tho. That sock yarn is pretty. I had so much trouble with the last pair I tried from the toe up that I started another from top down.


RickiLynn said...

The hardest part is the beginning. I'm wondering if it would be easier to do that figure 8 looping (per Cookie on Knitty Gritty) and then pull the yarn tighter. I may try that the next time.