Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good stopping place!

Its a little early for my blog post but I just bound off the edges of my Mr Greenjeans body and I really wanted to get a photo here before I start the sleeves. So here is the front:

And the back:

The color is much more authentic than last Sunday. don't know why. This yarn is so soft. I gave up on doing the cables without a cable needle since the stitches kept twisting before I picked them up. Maybe a stiffer yarn wouldn't twist. It still moved fast. At this rate I may finish it within a month. A record for me!

And I did a little on my sock but not enough to boring anyone.

I think - if my sister isn't ready to do Antique Lace - I may start one of the Anne Hanson shawls. They are all wonderful. Can't decide which one. Maybe Bee Fields? I ordered the Tupelo Gold yarn used in the photo on her web site. A nice summery shawl!

Have a great Sunday and week!


Sheryl said...

I'm impressed with how much knitting you get done! I work full time and don't get near that accomplished. I'm still lagging since my surgery in September. I'm going to have the dr check my thyroid. It seems that I could sleep the clock around and still be tired!
I'm knitting socks with Crystal Palace, Maizy.. it's made from corn fibers. I thought that was real interesting since my Dad farms.

RickiLynn said...

I don't knit as much as you think. This is a fast knit since it uses size 8 needles. Most of the projects I knit use size 2's or 3's and it takes me forever to do a sweater! I hope you are feeling better!