Sunday, March 23, 2008

Slow Ride! Take It Easy!

This has been a productive and fun weekend. First of all I wasn't paged at 4AM on Saturday and then I set up my Guitar Hero! I haven't had that much fun in years. I know - my life is dull - but this thing is a real kick! It took me about 30 times but I finally got thru "Slow Ride" on Easy Mode. Hah! If any of you were like me - the last people on earth who hadn't heard about it - the game rolls colored notes to you and you need to push the same colored buttons while you strut to the song. The notes roll faster and faster (I can't imagine how this can get any harder in higher modes). If you don't do very well - they stop the music, the crowd boos, the lead singer rings out his hair and the guitarist who represents you cries. It really is funny.

Well - that wasn't all I did this week. My mermaid is woven and done!

Here is another photo of me in it - again not the best view:

It fits beautifully. This sweater has taught me a lot: 1) I don't like garter stitch: It goes too slow since I find it hard to put my needle into the purl stitch 2) I need to think ahead: I should have done a provisional cast-on for both the sleeves and the I-cord edging. I gave up on grafting the I-cord and just made a seam. Aside from all that - the final product is gorgeous. Hanne Falkenberg is a genius!

And then I also spent some time on my sock:

And my last item to be finished is my Southwest Philosopher's Wool cardigan. Steeks are sewn, sleeves are seamed, and I'm adding the neck band now:

Here are some closeups:

And the neck:

(Later: Hah! Realized I was supposed to do ribbing on the neckband so I just ripped it all out!)

And I have recently discovered another amazing knit designer. Anne Hanson of Knitspot. I found her designs on Ravelry and I am diving in with both feet.

I have bought yarn and downloaded these beauties:




I'm so impressed. If any of the yarns I ordered for these arrive by the time I finish Southwest that project is next on my list. If not - I'm sure I'll find something!

Happy Week!

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