Thursday, March 27, 2008

Size 2 did the trick!

I normally don't post during the week but I've been dizzy all week so decided to take a full day off today to rest. Resting doesn't preclude knitting so I just bound off the first buttonband on my Southwest.

I took Anne Bourgeois's advice and went down one more size.. knit the band on size 2's and I think it looks so much better than my Traditional.

Here is the result so far:

And a closeup:

And here you can see that I knit the neckband and buttonbands to match the top stripes rather than my original ribbing for the body and sleeves but I think it will still be OK. I plan to do some crocheting around the bottom too:

So I'm hoping I can get the second band done today. Other than my Opal sock its time to plan my next project. I have decided to knit Greenjeans. I have been eyeing that pattern ever since the Ravelry LoopyEwe group created a KAL using Dream In Color Classy. So I will be making it using this.

Just the right color to put me into a Spring mood!
Enjoy your day.

Later: still have to crochet the edge of the bands and do some weaving, but the hard stuff is done and the front is cut! Voila!

I'd model it but not when I'm sick! Hah!

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