Sunday, November 2, 2008

One more week??

Well - due to the election mail - the organization that is counting the union's votes to ratify their tentative agreement with Qwest has negotiated a one week delay in counting the ballots. So - here I still am not knowing if I have to be on my way to Salt Lake City to work 12 hr days/7 days a week. Hopefully by next week I will know but I have been telling myself that so many times I am not confident anymore. I fear they will come up with something to delay it again..

But thankfully - I have my Knitting bug back. I am into the 4th repeat of the back:

You can see how much more I need to knit (15 rows into the 5th repeat) when I put it against the sides. This is a LONG sweater:

I think I will knit both sleeves together or I may never finish them. I'm still thinking about taking a break for some fair isle. I am craving something less monotonous.

And I also turned the heel for my socks. This fabric feels stiffer than some of my other socks. Hope it fits:

And finally - here is one third of the real joy of my life. Isn't she a riot! Keeps me laughing!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are knitting again. Love your photo of Belle.