Sunday, November 16, 2008

27 inches of blue!

FINALLY - I finished the back of my Jo Sharp Wrap Cardigan - all 27 inches of her:

Wowsa.. I don't think I've ever knit something this long. Not sure if I would ever do it again.. hah! Here is a closeup of the cabling:

And now - do I go directly to the sleeves or put it aside until I feel like it. Haven't decided yet.

But I did start the second sock:

Decided to try using the Options DPN's so I could see the yarn better. They are better but the reflection sometimes makes it hard to see the yarn too. Must be my middle aged eyes.

One week of work and then I am off work for a whole week. Can't wait.

By the way - Minnie (and her friend Mickey) are no longer in residence. After many failed efforts - I found a website where there were a whole lot of ideas. I ended up glueing a half peanut to the bait tab.. and sure enough - each was lured to it to their demise. It was hard to see Minnie especially - she was a cutie, but now I was able to clean out the mess they had made under my sink. And HOPEFULLY - that is all for the season. If not - I have more traps, peanuts and glue. Hah!

Later: So at least I did start the sleeves. Its going to be a long holiday season but I will be home more so might just make it by Xmas??


Anonymous said...


Are you finished with the fronts also? It is really gorgeous. I always do both sleeves at the same time. Same with socks.


RickiLynn said...

Yeah, the fronts are done. Only have the sleeves and the lapels to do. But there are cables on the sleeves, sigh..