Sunday, October 19, 2008

Taking a blog break

I don't write this blog so much for others (hah! I don't think I have very many readers) - but for myself and to avoid having to email photos to my sister. .hah! But it is obvious to me that I'm in a knitting slump.

Not sure if it due to the monotony of yards of cable, due to fatigue from too many late nights waiting for union related news (why they can't announce things at noon rather than midnight I don't know), due to fatigue from late nights watching election related stuff, or lack of sleep from worry over having to leave town in two weeks in the event of a strike (which will cost me $500/week for pet care). But I'm having to force myself to knit these days- and I am not enjoying the knitting I'm doing.

My wrap cardigan is moving so slowly (I am near the end of the third repeat and I still need to repeat 4 and 5 rows into repeat 5) and I still have two sleeves after thatn and the lapel. Part of me wants to stop it and maybe knit some fairisle.. but I know I won't get back to it.

Bottom line is that I am going to take a blog break for awhile - and maybe a knitting break - until I start enjoying it again. I want my life back. We will know Oct 31st what is to happen. Maybe I will be back then. Maybe not.


Anne said...

Hi Ricki -- I know what you mean -- right now I'm knitting miles and miles of random eventually be put together....but right now the random stripes in stocking stitch have renewed my interest in what you need to do.....let things shake out (your union issues and the election) and maybe then your knitting joy will come back.

Take care,

Anonymous said...


Why not do something easy--and you like. Or just read. Love you.