Sunday, September 28, 2008

Noisy ads, Backs, and Clubs

I like some background noise going on when I knit. Nothing I have to focus on too much (or else I make mistakes) but something that entertains that part of my brain that is on pilot mode. But why or why or why - do some of the commercials raise the decibel level like 300%!!! Geez.. do they really think we will pay more attention if they break our eardrums? I just put them on mute. Excuse the diversion - but one just came on when I started this post and it really irritates me.

But I have made progress.. The two fronts of my Wrap Cardigan are fini:

And I have started the back which is just one big rectangle with no shaping:

Maybe I will get this done by Thanksgiving if I try. Hah.. too bad I don't have multiple projects going on at one time so I would be more interesting. If I did - it would take me years to finish anything.

But I have decided to try some new sock yarn clubs. Recently one of my new fav yarn dyer is the Sanguine Gryphon. I adore her Gaia yarns (Dk, Lace, and worsted) plus the new Kypria (so soft) and amazing color combos. SO - I signed up for 6 months of her Fairy Tale Sock club. Then I saw the Three Irish Girls in one of the latest grocery store knitting mags. Found out that her sock club - Sock Yarnista) is supposed to be one of the best so I will try that for 3 months too. Hoping they will provide enough stash enhancement to satisfy me. I really have been good lately tho - I only buy yarn paid for by Ebay sales of yarn that doesn't interest me anymore.

Have a great week!

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