Sunday, September 21, 2008

Slowly but surely

I am such a slow knitter.. That plus having a full time job and wanting to read again and two dogs which interrupt me every 5 minutes for something (they are whining at me right now because I'm sitting when they want to play) - I am almost embarassed to show my progress once a week.

But here is my Jo Sharp Wrap Cardigan - 24 rows to go on the right front before I start the decs:

And as my oldest dog sulks cuz I told him I was busy - here are my Monkeys (actually one Monkey):

So we move along. I also decided to cancel the rest of my Sundara yarn club subscription. Just too $$ right now. I'm sad that she won't be selling singles anymore on her website - and while I'm happy she has become so popular - its just too hard and $$ to afford her yarn. And I cancelled my preorder for the Addi Interchangeables.. Ordered Knitpicks Options instead since what I really want is something pointy I can use for lace and at least right now - the Addi's are more like the Turbos which are too blunt for lace.

I am reading a wonderful book - did you see The Bone Collector with Denzel Washington? That character is the basis of a series of books by Jeffrey Deaver. So now I'm reading The Coffin Dancer. Read half of it yesterday and I'm anxious to finish. That's my excuse for very little progress on my knitting. Hah! Good thing I enjoy the process since I don't have much product to enjoy.

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