Sunday, September 7, 2008

In Search Of..

In Search of the perfect knitting needle.. I pre-ordered the new Addi Interchangeable Set which will be available next month! They are pricy but I am growing increasingly unhappy with my Knitpicks Harmonies because my middle aged eyes cannot see darker yarn colors with them. I wonder why they made them so dark.

My Denises are too blunt. So - I'm looking forward to the Addis especially since they will selling their Lace Addi as tips in the future. We will see.

And I really don't have much to "show and tell" this week. I finished one front of my Jo Sharp Wrap Cardigan and have done about 5 inches of the second. Same for the Monkeys socks - just more of the same.

But I did finish a really good book on my Kindle: Smoke Screen by Sandra Brown. It was so good I spent both days this weekend reading. My attempts to balance my life with more reading and less knitting are working! I still adore my Kindle. I have read more books since I bought it in July than I read over the last 2 years.

So - no pretty photos this week. Just words.


LRYAN said...

What is a KINDLE?

RickiLynn said...

A Kindle is an electronic book reader. Amazon sells them. You can download books (the new ones cost about $19) to it at anytime.