Sunday, September 14, 2008

Its the Monkees!

Well - I got a little bored working on my wrap cardigan (all the lace knitting has spoiled my brain) and decided I wanted to make more progress on my Monkey socks. I'm past the heel and onto the foot. This is a neat pattern!

And something new to learn. After the heel flap it makes this point. I suspect this will make it fit snugger. TBD:

And finally another phone. I know how much I raved about my LG Decoy. I really did like the phone. But the Decoy's selling point (and its cost) is the built-in Bluetooth Headset that attaches to its back. Darn if it didn't keep falling out of my ear. How does anyone use those? So - I called Verizon and they exchanged it for the LG Dare. Yes - now I'm part of the trendy set now - an all touch phone. But geez - each phone is so different. I'm still trying to figure out how to scroll down a screen without the phone thinking I selected something. But it is gorgeous:

Busy week this week.. Eye dr follow-up, car dealership (that darned low tire pressure light came on again..what did we do before they had those? Guess I drove on low pressure tires.. hah!)

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