Sunday, June 29, 2008

Swarm's Done!

I just knit the last row of the Swarms section of my Bee Fields shawl. I would take a photo but I need to get to sleep soon or I will be out of it tomorrow. Still need to do the separation rows but then its on to bigger and better things.

I also am gathering yarn for my trip to visit my family in Baltimore next weekend. Lots to do.. get ready for my pet/house sitter, decide what to wear, what to knit. I know I will never finish Bee Fields so that is a given. I may finish the "Ricki's recipe" sock tho.. so I am going to attempt knitting a Monkey Sock using STR in Dixie Chick (or maybe one of my other 3 cakes I plan to take).

Also wanted to report on my Kindle. I am still in love. I easily read Executive Privilege in 1.5 weeks. Now I'm reading the new Lincoln Rhymes book by Jeffrey Deaver. I love this way of reading. I think its faster and more comfortable than turning pages. Love it, love it, love it!! I wish I didn't have that stack of books I haven't read yet and can't justify rebuying for the Kindle.

I am also sadly recovering from an eye dr appt last week. Found out my optic nerves have worsened (I have had borderline glaucoma since last summer). My dr first tried adding a new eye drop but it made me very dizzy. So he decided to do a laser trabulectomy. They put 100 holes in your eye with the laser to promote drainage and to lower the eye pressure. I had my right eye done on Friday. It really wasn't as bad as I imagined but the drops I was given to use over the weekend - once again - have made me dizzy. So I have spent most of the weekend flat on my back trying to relax. I have the left eye done when I'm back in town.

So Happy 4th!! and I will be back soon!

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