Sunday, June 8, 2008

I see bees!

Yes, there are bees! Can you see bees?

At first I thought they were in the yarn but then I realized they were in the spaces between the yarn. Hah!

I just finished row 21 of a 24 row repeat (I do the 24 rows twice + another 4 rows for the swarm section). It seems to be going so slow now but the rows are long and the Purl tog thru the back loops are really slowing me down:

And to have some mindless knitting.. I am also doing my sock recipe using Araucania Multi - I really love the color combos for this yarn:

I think I may do something fancier for my next sock.. Maybe a Monkey sock pattern.

I finished my Mr Greenjeans by June 1st so The Loopy Ewe gave me 20% off my next order of Dream In Color. Love that yarn. I bought 5 skeins of ChinaTown Apple. Isn't it pretty? I may make the Central Park Hoodie.

Sorry everyone is having hot humid weather. It is 67 degrees here altho it is humid for Denver. I can't complain tho. Have a good week!

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