Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Country!

I love the 4th of July. I think I must have blogged that last year too. Its a happy holiday without all the guilt that comes with not being with family and sugary foods around. I would much rather have a grilled burger than jelly beans. And I sincerely love living in this country. We are so blessed.

Anyway - I am going to visit my family in Baltimore next week so I decided to blog today. And no - sorry burglars - the house won't be empty - I have a house/pet sitter spending the nights. I can't bear the thought of my babies waking up alone.

So here is my progress on Bee's. I FINALLY (with the help of Annmarie on Ravelry) did row 5 of the Bee In Fields section 1:

Its tricky. You CO 4 stitches, pickup 4 bars and knit one from your Right needle, YO, and then do another 4 bar PU and knit, then CO 4 more stitches. It makes a fancy bee. Hah!

And here is a good photo of the entire shawl:

I am on the second skein of yarn so I must be getting near the end!

I am also still in love with Kindle. I hope to get a lot of use of it on my trip. I had originally planned to knit the Bee on the plane but found out that TSA only accepts circulars <= 31 inches. The Bee is already on 47 inch circulars. Geezz... So I am going to start this on the plane. Its the Tidal Streams stole by Ilga Leja. Isn't it pretty? And I am using the same yarn as shown in the photo - Lucy Neatby's Celestial Merino yarn in Aquamarine. I will take my Denise needles on the plane just in case.

See ya when I'm back!

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