Sunday, June 1, 2008

Onto the swarm!

I've finished the bee hive section of my Bee Fields stole and started the swarm section which is a bunch of bees!

Do you see them yet? I don't see them.

Maybe next week. This swarming is hard. There are a bunch of P2tog TBL. Geez.. I had never done that (I can barely do it thru the front loop). Found it online (YAY!) and now I can do it but I'm limping along. And the rows are getting VERY long. I still love it. Seeing the other ones on Ravelry, this shawl is gorgeous.

And I got the Knipicks Lace Sampler bug. Yes, I ordered one of each colorway. They are selling 6 different skeins of lace wt yarn in coordinating colors. SO pretty. I want to find patterns (Charlotte's Web?) where I can use all the colors together.

I also got my WII Fit this week so I really need to finish this and exercise! Hah!

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