Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nearing the end of swarms..

Well I'm nearing the end of the bee swarm section of my Bee Fields shawl.. have 8 more rows. Then two more sections to go:

I love this but it does get kinda tedious after awhile. The rows are taking about a half hr now and I can't seem to get through a row without finding my count off in one or two sections. I either forget a YO or I don't do a decrease. I need to focus. I also found out - hah! I have been doing my SSK's wrong for a LONG time. I always did the slips purlwise, guess I should have been doing them knitwise. Oh well - the next time. Guess I'm twisting the stitches.

Here is a closeup of the bee swarm section:

I finished The Appeal by Grisham. I thought I knew how it would end but I didn't. I was surprised by the ending. Usually the good guys win.

But here is my baby - an Amazon Kindle:

How many ways do I love thee? I love being able to make the text font big for my old tired eyes. I love (note in the photo) how easy it is turn a page. I don't even have to move my hand from its location when I'm holding the book. I love being able to get a new book in 1 minute at anytime. This Kindle rocks!!

And here is my latest favorite yarn in the whole world. The Autumn colorway - Arabian Nights from the Sundara Season's Yarn club. Its a luscious brown with brownish-red variegation.

I plan to make Anne Hanson's new Elm Row scarf with it.

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