Monday, November 19, 2007

Who would have thought?

A year ago if anyone asked me if I would ever knit socks I would have told them never. I struggled enough having to use DPN's to knit the cuffs on my sweaters. But look at me now!

Not only have I knit 4 pair of socks (2 toe up) - now I'm venturing into patterns. I love this pattern - it is Cookies Baudelaire pattern on And the yarn is Aunt Maude's Mauve Handpainted Fingering Superwash Yarn from ThreeWatersFarm. So pretty.

The actual color is not as bright as the photo. It is more pink than red. The mauves are more brownish. Actually - this photo does not look like the yarn at all! Hah! I will adjust the color when I take another photo!

I was nervous about doing this since my stitch count is 56 and most patterns provide the smallest count to be 60. But this one had 4 stitches on either side of the pattern so I just changed it to have 3 stitches on either side. So easy! Not sure if some of the other patterns I have been oogling will be as easy to adjust.

I would have posted yesterday (I'm home on vacation this week so I have no excuse). I was tooling along, had a good 4 inches to show, and then noticed a section of fuzzy yarn (already knitted). Silly me thought I could pull out the fuzz. I pulled it out so much that the yarn broke and a huge hole exploded! Wah! So I started to pull out a few rows thinking I could recover at least some of my work. I tried twice to pick up the stitches without any success. So - I just pulled it all out and started from scratch. Today's photo is my second attempt. From here on - I check out the yarn before I knit it. This yarn is gorgeous but may have some more sections that aren't well spun. What's a new sock knitter to do!

Yes - I stopped working on the Fleece Artist triangular shawl. I think you are supposed to use the entire skein in one shawl - but around 8PM Friday night I realized that it was not meant to be. I rationalized it by telling myself that I'm petite and don't need more humongous shawls, right? So it was bound off and I went on to bigger and better things.

Its so good to have time off. I am cleaning out my closets (hit my downstairs coat closet this AM). Embarassed but this is the first time I REALLY have cleaned it out for maybe 15 yrs? Hah! There were lots of old dog leashes, a bunch of broken hangers, and old gloves. I found jackets I forgot about and FINALLY tossed some oversized coats with big shoulders that I can't believe I ever wore. Now I can actually see the floor. Tomorrow I start on my upstairs clothes closets. I think its finally time for me to accept the fact that I want to be comfortable and will NEVER wear those clothes I used to wear. It will go to charity.

About all for now.. I will blog more often this week. If not - happy Thanksiving to all!

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