Sunday, November 4, 2007

13 rows to go!

I am going to make a real effort to finish the Mermaid body tonight.. but with the change in time I have a feeling I'm going to zonk out early. I am so close to the end but yet so far. The size small pattern is definitely done (body only) and my last minute edits have been sent to Amy. So here is the current state of affairs. As you can see its getting hard to fit it in one photo:

And a closeup of the final section. I know - I still need to do the applied I-cord but that is going to wait until I take a break:

And to those that wonder what is next.. here is a gorgeous skein of Fruit Punch Fleece Artist silk Goldilocks yarn that I bought on Toadal's (Love that site) Ebay shop to make the triangular shawl:

Then I'm planning to knit the Baudelaire socks (Cooky) from I think that will be enough of a break to come back and finish the Mermaid. Maybe its time for me to start knitting more than one thing at a time anyway..just to break up the boredom. I guess the total time in hours/garment won't change but I will be happier. I really do get bored with anything that takes longer than 2 weeks.

I was thinking that this is the reason I enjoy software programming. Every day is different, the problems changes, and I am never bored. Doesn't mean I want to do it forever but it has been a good career. At least for now. Retirement still sounds a lot better!

I'm awaiting my first Zen Art Sock Yarn shipment.. supposed to arrive this week. Can't wait!

Wish me luck tonight.. I can finish this if I stop blogging now!

Later: YAY!!! It's done!


Sheryl said...

Hope you got your 13 rows finished! I didn't get to knit this weekend. Went antiquing with my Mom and sister on Saturday. And my aquarium needed attention on Sunday.
You'll have to tell me how you managed to learn toe up socks. I've look at them, but don't understand how to "wrap" a stitch.

Sheryl said...
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RickiLynn said...

Yep! Finished the 13 rows. That felt good but my hands were sore afterwards.

I learned toe up socks by watching a lot of on-line videos - plus I primary used the tutorial at really good.

When I did a wrap.. I slipped the stitch to be wrapped purlwise, Moved the yarn to the front, put the stitch back on the left needle, and moved the yarn to the back. Very easy. Normally the next step is to TURN.. so the just wrapped stitch remains on its original needle. Hope that helps!