Monday, November 5, 2007

New things to learn

I normally don't blog twice in two days but I'm so excited about my Fleece Artist Goldielocks shawl I had to post a photo (easier than emailing my sister...).

I brought it to work today and struggled for a half hour trying to figure out how to do a YO at the beginning of a row. I finally gave up and decided to just do a K1 and then YO.

But then I found a website (can't find it right now) that explained - if you do this - to hold the yarn in the front (purlwise) before you start. Voila! It works. I had been holding the yarn in the back and was basically wrapping the yarn around the needle twice in the first stitch making a very large big hole at the end but now I have corrected my technique! So here is my lovely start. Isn't it purty! The YO's create a scallop along the edge. I LOVE it!


Sheryl said...

That looks great.. where did you get your pattern? I'm looking for a shawl or wrap. Nothing too fancy, something simple..

RickiLynn said...

It comes with the yarn... Fleece Artist Goldilocks. I bought mine on Ebay.