Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Things don't disappear!

I have just spent the last hour looking for my last two pairs of knitted socks! I remember taking photos of them (my STR ones on sock blockers) but don't have a clue what happened to them after. I went through all of my project totes, my new sock yarn, my piles of "things" (yes I'm a packrat!)

When I was about to accept the fact that I accidentally threw them away, I moved a bunch of "things" from one of my cardboard drawers (my clothes runnoth over a few years ago) - I FINALLY found them behind them. They had fallen over - don't ask me when. Sigh.. I am so absent minded. So I just washed them for the first time and set them aside.

And here is my progress on my Baudelaires. I just finished the gusset. Much truer color.

And another! I love this pattern!

I decided to order a set of Knitpicks Harmony needles - after having my Denise set fall apart on me. I swapped my Options with another knitter awhile ago since they were too pointy for my knitting style so I'm hoping these aren't as pointy. I tend to push the tip of the needle with my left hand so its deadly if they are too pointy. I also ordered their DPN's.

Tomorrow I get new Blizzak's put onto my new CR/V. Just in time - they are predicting 3 inches of snow tonight and 2 more inches tomorrow. I have AWD on the car but I want to feel as safe as possible. I'm a big chicken driving on snow/ice especially with all the hills I drive over on my way to work.

I am also spending my vacation cleaning my closets. I haven't been this resolute about tossing stuff in years. I have been experimenting with my 2007 TurboTax Its Deductible program and I should be able to deduct quite a lot towards charitable donations. So far - with 8 bags (and I haven't started cleaning my winter clothes) - my tallies total over $1000. I just don't wear so much of it!

I love vacation!

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