Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's all about the yarn!

This Fleece Artist Goldielock's yarn (color = FruitPunch) is so pretty! I am up to 118 stitches and over 2 feet across the top (I want to take it up to 225) and its just mindless knitting.. creating this fuzzy fabric of color.

If there is anyone out there who has knit this.. did you block it? Seems that it doesn't need to be blocked.

Here is the result:

On the other hand - I find myself wanting to put it down. In fact - I got my whole backyard raked this weekend. Kinda strange for me since I haven't done much anything but knit over the last few months. Could it be that I'm kinda bored - Doing a Church Lady gaze look.. I'm thinking that it could be!!

So - unless this moves faster - frankly the larger it gets - the slower it goes - I will probably start my Baudelaire socks next weekend!


Later: Whoa!! That was close. I love Denise needles for shawls because you can keep making the needle longer. But I hate Denise needles because they can sometimes come apart. And - yes - they just came apart on me! This yarn is not easily rippable - so I had to undo one stitch at a time to put them back on the needle. Its back in one piece now but I think that's it for me today!

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